Everyday Is Easy

"Everyday Is Easy", Soulscript's fourth offering of original tunes, is truly a heartfelt venture down the road of life interpreted through words and music. Sometimes heady and thought provoking, sometimes silly, their perspective of the journey remains both unique and yet highly relatable. From the duo's more serious overtones of "Lie To Me" (despite the double entendre) to the day-dreamy and seemingly nonsensical musings of "Resting My Head On A Raindrop", the songwriters' endeavors know no boundaries. While honoring their Rock and Americana roots, Soulscript manages both a suggestion of Punk in the song "Don't Quit Your Day Job" and a tip of the hat toward Bluegrass in the metamorphic "Trying To Be Like Jesus".  Having both experienced the ravages of hurricane Katrina firsthand in 2005, the songwriters' offer a cathartic New Orleans-influenced number with hints of Dr. John-styled piano and French Quarter brass accompaniment on this outing as well. Brutal honesty coupled with Soulscript's signature Retro Rock sound make a copy of  "Everyday Is Easy" the perfect travel companion.

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