Resting My head On A Raindrop


"Resting My Head On A Raindrop" has to be one of the most intriguing song titles ever. And while it took me a few listens to drill down to what I think Soulscript is onto lyrically, with those few listens the song and hook became a classic 'song worm' for me... and I couldn't stop singing the chorus. A good thing--for this original roots/rocking/Americana band charting some new territory for itself.

A.J. Gundell 


Spirited, rootsy classic rock with a catchy Cosmos-themed chorus.

Todd Herfindal



Poignant telling of hurricane Katrina's impact on this talented artist with a New Orleans sound that pays homage to its home city.

Martin Blasick 

Face To Face

"Face To Face"

Punchy, syncopated, happy pop/rock that spins a biting social media warning.

Todd Herfindal